Geodireito develops geospatial analyses that pre-map the risks of a territory, contributing to mitigate potential conflicts.

By studying the legislation with the data provided by Geographic Information Systems (GIS), it is possible to reduce financial costs and increase the legal certainty of infrastructure projects (e.g. transmission line, highways, railways, landfills, etc.), contributing to environmental, land and urban regularization. It is useful to reach best budget forecast with compliance. Ideal for projects in planning phase and other steps.

We act in territorial conflicts related to possession or property, using innovative geoinformation techniques and the legal-geographical expertise. This service includes the crossing of cartographic data with the verification of registry records.

Based on applications based on free Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms, we provide solutions for public and private entities that want to assemble geoportals with reliable and interoperable data, following criteria of data protection legislation and compliance.

Geodireito is based in Brasilia and closely monitors discussions and initiatives involving territorial planning and regulation around the world, including the use of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) in environmental, agrarian, urban, maritime and infrastructure sector to solve many kinds of issues.

We have been monitoring the spatial law and regulatory agenda since 2008 and, with this knowledge, we are promoting synergies between our clients and territorial public policies under compliance rules.