The Company

Geodireito was founded in 2008 by lawyer and geographer Luiz Ugeda. Currently in Brasilia, the company operates in the development of solutions for the planning, management, planning and regulation of territories through law, geotechnologies and institutional relations. Its first work focused on the infrastructure segment and the environment, on the resolution of social and environmental issues.
The company is currently a partner of geotechnology companies and law firms, with a presence in the main discussions on regulation and territorial management in Brazil and Portugal.

We propose an innovative vision in territorial management to bring predictability in the management of environmental, agrarian and urban conflicts, anticipating problems, accelerating the decision-making process and giving greater legal certainty to clients.


Technical knowledge, strategic positioning

Alliance with customers and partners

Multidisciplinary vision with 360°

Proactive and conciliatory spirit

Innovative work methodology

State-of-the-art technology

Ethical action