Glasgow launches online mapping tool to create safe pedestrian spaces

In order to transform the city and make it more social distancing-friendly, the Glasgow City Council is asking locals for input on how the urban area can be changed and where the biggest problems and obstacles to pedestrians can be found.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to increased demand in space available exclusively to pedestrians as measures require the keeping of distance between individuals of different households. That is why local authorities across the UK and Europe have been experimenting with different solutions that are able to provide their constituents with the safety they need in order to venture outside.

An innovative and citizen-based solution

In an effort to achieve this monumental task Glasgow has launched its very own online platform meant to allow for citizens to report issues with city infrastructure and to highlight different problem areas across the urban area. The Commonplace Mapping Tool also allows for users to pinpoint locations where emergency action is needed and where the City Council should act with speed – for example in tight areas where the pavement does not allow for social distancing, the local government can quickly move to expand the pedestrianized area.

The introduction of the new tool is part of Glasgow’s larger push to procure more space for pedestrians, which is also supported by the Scottish Government in the form of 3.5 million pounds in funding for the expansion of walking and cycling areas in the city.

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Source: The Mayor