Lockdown violators primary carriers of Covid-19, reveals cell tower location analysis

The analysis of cell tower tracing data of those testing positive for Covid-19 has revealed that the primary carriers of the infection have been the ones who rampantly violated the lockdown orders.

The analysis has further revealed that in several cases, the primary Covid-19 patients, who at a later stage were found to be silent carriers, have common links, especially to the places they visited.

After the latest analysis, the civic body administrator appealed to the citizens to follow the lockdown orders. He told TOI, “We are request our citizens to respect the lockdown orders. Only strict following of the lockdown orders can save every one. We need to honour the requests of medicos and health care workers.”

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation’s special task force comprising the cybercrime police personnel has started extracting cellphone tower location of each of the Covid-19 patients, and analysing the places where each of them had travelled in the past 15 to 20 days before testing positive.

Aurangabad divisional commissioner Sunil Kendrekar was disappointed over some youths stepping out of their homes violating the lockdown orders and becoming silent carriers of the infection.

As of now, Aurangabad has four hotspots. The areas of Noor Colony, Asefiya Colony, Aref Colony, Hilal Colony, Jai Bhimnagar Town Hall, Gulabwadi, Qila E Arak has turned out to be the largest hotspot. The other three hotspots are Samtnagar, Bhsusinghpura – Bhimanagar, and Sanjaynagar – Mukundwadi.

After analysing the cellphone tower location of the people who tested positive, the special task force has found that all those who rampantly violated the lockdown orders became silent primary carriers and unknowingly infected their family members.

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Source: Times of India