Pokemon Go maker Niantic acquires 3D world-scanning software company 6D.ai

While few actual AR headsets exist at the moment, the race to scan and map the world using AR technology is already heating up. Niantic, maker of Pokemon Go and collaborator with Qualcomm on a future AR headset design, has just acquired a company that enables collaborative AR world maps to be shared.

6D.ai is a company that specializes in building out 3D world meshes that multiple people can share and keep building on. While Apple’s newest iPad uses new lidar tech hardware to better mesh and map the world through hardware, 6D.ai can do things like this without needing specialized hardware. The system creates an infrastructure that headsets or phones can share data, like a crowdsourced AR toolkit. 6D.ai has already partnered with Qualcomm, too.

“Together, we’re building a dynamic, 3D map of the world so we can enable new kinds of planet-scale AR experiences,” Niantic CEO John Hanke said in a statement. “This means we’re even closer to an AR platform that will unlock the ability for any developer to make content for current and future AR hardware.”

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Source: CNET