US, North Carolina: In this election cycle, the issue of climate change may factor into many voters’ choice of presidential candidate.

Research conducted by Appalachian State University’s Dr. Johnathan Sugg, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Geography and Planning, is aiding Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit Protect Our Winters (POW) in its climate advocacy efforts targeted at outdoor sports enthusiasts — a community that represents more than 60 million voters, according to Sugg.

Sugg received $10,234 in grant support from POW to conduct a site suitability analysis — a technique used in geography and geographic information science (GIScience) — in order to pinpoint the locations where POW might be most effective in advocating for climate policy in the upcoming 2020 national election.

POW, founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, comprises a worldwide network of more than 130,000 supporters — including athletes, scientists, creatives and business leaders — who work to advance nonpartisan policies that protect the world today and for future generations.

For the project, Sugg and geography students Tatiana Magee and Will Hutchinson ’16 ’19 worked with POW to map the key areas across the country with substantial outdoor communities that historically have close election outcomes.

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Source: AppalachianToday