Delhi: A street smart city in making

Chock-a-block with vehicles, throwing up emissions adding to the ever-growing pollution cloud, the streets of Delhi hardly afford an inch of space for joggers and cyclists. However, starting September, this is about to change as the stretch from Moolchand to Ashram Chowk will be the first of many in the national capital to be re-designed […]

Country diary: old maps reveal folds in time

Looking at a map is travelling of a strange sort. A way of getting outside, without going outside. Of exploring while still. Where you can visualise the roll and tumble of land, and its vertical space, on something entirely flat. Where the tiniest twitch of gaze can leap miles. And decades. On the National Library […]

How Asia’s official maps promote propaganda

When children anywhere in the world are taught geography, they draw maps and learn the location of states, borders, cities and rivers. Indian schoolchildren drawing a map of India will draw the Ganges perhaps with a blue squiggle; the capital New Delhi with a big black dot. And when they draw northern India, they will […]

US, North Carolina: In this election cycle, the issue of climate change may factor into many voters’ choice of presidential candidate.

Research conducted by Appalachian State University’s Dr. Johnathan Sugg, assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Geography and Planning, is aiding Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit Protect Our Winters (POW) in its climate advocacy efforts targeted at outdoor sports enthusiasts — a community that represents more than 60 million voters, according to Sugg. […]

Coronavirus map shows every confirmed case in the world

A live online map has been produced aiming to show every single confirmed case of coronavirus across the world. The Covid-19 map is not verified by the World Health Organisation or any other official body but compiled by internet users who are tracking outbreaks of the virus globally. The latest Public Health England information is […]